We are launching a 99.9% pineapple purée, it´s crazy!

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And the flavour of the new Purefruit by Sanz is… PINEAPPLE!🍍
With 99.9% PURE PINEAPPLE… totally crazy..!

You have been our inspiration in order to choose the flavour, thanks to your comments and requests. We were clear about the fact that we wanted you to choose the new flavour, and here it is! After almost a year of hard work, we have finally achieved it… pure pineapple 🍍🤤!

Texture, sweetness and acidity in an amazingly versatile flavour.
Ideal for tropical and tiki cocktails, to combine with mango or coconut. And if you want to go a step further, why not try mixing it with herbs and smoky flavours…? 🤯 Your senses are going to explode!

From Costa Rica we are bringing the Extra Sweet pineapple variety, one of the most prized in the world. Perfect for creating this purée without the need to add any kind of sugar and thus bring you an extraordinary purée.

Are you ready for the before and after of trying our pineapple purée? 😏…

📌What should you know about Purefruit by Sanz Cocktails:
✔️ Purées for cocktail making and gastronomy
✔️ Purée using fresh fruit and with the highest percentage of fruit without having to defrost / refrigerate
✔️ Up to 99.9% pure fruit
✔️ Lasts 5 weeks once open
✔️ 2-Year expiry date
✔️ Anti-drip lid
✔️ Gluten, lactose and colourant free

🔴🍍Obtain your purée via this link: https://amzn.to/3OrT6R4

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