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Which spirit would combine brilliantly with white chocolate? Perhaps rum? Cognac?

Can you imagine a melted bar of white chocolate? Well that is what the new syrup by Sanz Syrups is like .

  • Its texture facilitates its use in cocktail making and it can be mixed with any kind of cold or hot drink. 
  • We used cocoa butter and milk. When you taste it you will melt with that unmistakeable taste of white chocolate and vanilla. 
  • Its format is 650 ml / 860 g.

As always, we are launching a new flavour on the market after years of study and work by the entire team, in order to find the ideal formula, closest to the authentic and real flavour with the aim of offering the highest quality to our consumers.


So if you are tired of trying white chocolate syrups with a sauce texture, that look transparent and are made from sugar, water, chocolate flavouring, etc., then it is time to try this delicacy by Sanz… hurry!

We hope that you like it, we look forward to hear what you think of it.


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