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As you know, in 2019Sanz Cocktails landed in England with the aim of expanding and giving people a lot to talk about in Britain.Some time ago, we visited our friends, thebartenders of the chain Dirty Bones, and now we are back in search of Kenny Mendoza to talk about the cocktail culture that is experienced there.
A great bartender, passionate and devoted to the profession for which he left Spain some time ago in order to forge his path in the most important city for cocktail making. We find him at the American Restaurant & Cocktail Bar Dirty Bones in Kensington, London, as Head Bartender.
Kenny Mendoza by Dirty Bones London
Let´s talk about London… What are the current tastes of consumers in the city?
Londonis a city with a great cocktail culture, honestly I could say that there is nothing really defined, there is a drink for every occasion.
What most attracts London clients? Cocktails with alcohol, without alcohol, fruity, acidic or even bitter drinks?
Alcohol for 95% of people 😀 but as I said, it depends on the moment. My experience at Dirty Bones, (the bar where I work) is that people normally go for fruity and citric drinks.
Do they opt to consume straight spirits or mixed drinks?
They generally tend to add mixers, but if it is a good spirit they prefer to savour it and drink it straight and not spoil it I would say 😀
Classic cocktails and trends in London…:
I would say that I never get tired of making Old Fashioned, Espresso Martini and Pornstar Martini cocktails. But in general, the cocktail bars here tend to have signature cocktails.
If we had to talk about where sights are heading in the future of cocktail making, what would you say?
I believe we are in a period of total creativity, flavours and textures are the order of the day. I feel really happy that the bartending profession is growing, but I must say that we shouldn´t forget about the fact that what we are doing is for the enjoyment of others, and that the key is to connect with the customer/guest. Thus, it is important that they understand how the cocktail is made, that they understand what they are going to drink.
A cocktail bar in Spain, and another worldwide:
In Spain, 1862 Dry Bar in Madrid. In recent years, this country has grown a lot and there are very good places, but maybe I sometimes stick to the past and to the places that lead me to more classic tastes.
Worldwide, Nomad barin New York and Termini in London. However, I still have a lot of countries to explore.
How did you get started in cocktail making?
I began aged 18 / 19 if I remember correctly, by taking a cocktail makingcourse in order to gain a little more knowledge in order to look for a job in the hospitality industry.
Kenny Mendoza by Dirty Bones London
Your first cocktail?
The most classic one: Old Fashioned.
The first time I tried it, it was too strong for me, but over time my palate improved in terms of taste and now it is one of my favourites.
What managed to get you hooked on the world of Mixology?
Many things made me choose to follow this profession, but the one that undoubtedly had the greatest influence on my decision was the aptitude of colleagues and great friends who guided me along the path towards dedication and the desire to gain more and more knowledge. Apart from that, it is a profession that is constantly changing and that is addictive. There is a lot to try!
Your benchmark bartenders:
I would once again mention my first colleagues, they were responsible for many of the things that have happened to me in this profession, and they have kept their values alive, not only the knowledge passed on, but also the discipline that they instilled in me and instil in me at present with their advice. That is what means that will always consider them as great benchmarks in the profession. Logically, I also pay a lot of attention to the work of great bartenders and masters, but I am going to mention my great friends Gabriel Fernandez and Luis Inchaurraga.
The key to pairing:
I´m not sure if there is a trick to it, it is more the result of studying and getting your palate to become more versatile. Every spirit has an aroma, a flavour, a texture… and knowing how to interpret it isn´t easy at all. But we can always consult good friends from the profession 😉
Plans in sight?
To continue my training and not stagnate on the path of bartending. There is a lot to do. Having said that, I always look to seize opportunities and grow.
Kenny Mendoza by Dirty Bones London
A piece of advice given humbly should always be well received among colleagues from the sector. Could you share one with us?
I´m not really into giving advice, but I will leave you with a thought and each person can interpret it or accept it if it works for them: Don´t stop learning, seize opportunities, travel to discover cultures and look after those who are on both sides of the bar.
If you stay in this profession you see that experiences and the path can end up being very fun and teach you a lot.
The favourites of Kenny:
Favourite glassware: Coupette
Your favourite spirit: Mezcal
An essential in your bar: Whisky
A citrus fruit: lime-lemon
Shaken or stirred: stirred
Sweet or sour: sour

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