Try our version of the classic Irish Coffee

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Try our version of the classic Irish Coffee; Orchard Coffee Cocktail. Did you know how the Irish Coffee was invented?

In 1942 passengers on a flight were arriving at Shannon, an airport in the southwest of Ireland, they were frozen to the bone and in the restaurant there, the  chef Joe Sheridan got them  warmed up with a hot coffee with a dash of whisky and topped with a little whipped cream. From that point on, history has enabled this classic cocktail to survive over time and for us to continue enjoying it today.

Here is our version Orchard Coffee, to warm you up when that is what your body needs. Here´s to great inventions…Cheers!

You will need a small Goblet cup to enjoy this drink that is both bitter and sweet on these winter evenings.




◽ 30 ml pear liquor

◽ 15 ml Calvados

◽ 15 ml @sanzcocktails peach syrup 

15 ml @sanzcocktails Sanz Purefruit strawberry purée 

◽ 120 ml filter coffee

◽ Cream (35% fat)


◽Heat all the ingredients in a pan over a medium heat.

◽Serve in the glass

◽Whip the cream lightly until it acquires a creamy texture

◽Using a bar spoon, slowly serve the cream onto the coffee creating two layers

◽Decorate with cinnamon and grated nutmeg


Cocktail made by Luis Inchaurraga  for @sanzcocktails

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