How to make layered cocktails

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How to make layered cocktails:

In the next chapter of the  #SanzCocktailsSeries we are going to show you, alongside Luis Inchaurraga how to make layered cocktails along with 3 very different cocktails where you can apply 3 different ways of serving the ingredients in layers. Really visual and delicious!

This cocktails are formed by ingredients served in layers.

FORMULA: Serve these kinds of ingredients in this order:

▪️1st The lower the level of alcohol and higher the level of sugar, the heavier the ingredient will be: fruit purée or syrup.
▪️2nd Liqueurs: high sugar content and low alcohol.
▪️The exception to this rule are cream liqueurs and cream as they float, so you can serve them as the last ingredient on top of the cocktail.


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Video: Ave Mono
Music: Jason Shaw ‘Acoustic Blues’ Under Creative Commons 3.0 license (CC BY 3.0 US)

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