Experiencing delirium for a cocktail, as easy as this.

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Delirium: “A great or excessive love or passion that is felt for a specific thing”.

This is the perfect definition for the cocktail Mex Mango Delirium.

Melting after the sensations offered by the mix of @mexcream Mango with the ingredients of the recipe is one of the primary effects that you are going to experience.

With this cocktail we are welcoming the most daring Mango Tequila Cream that you will ever have come across


Method: Shake
•30 ml Agave Rested Jalisco Tequila
•30 ml coffee liqueur
•45 ml Mango @mexcream
•5 ml @sanzcocktails Passion fruit syrup
•45 ml milk

How to make it?
•Leave a Goblet cup to cool
•Put the ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice
•Give it a good shake
•Strain the cocktail, serving it in the glass
•Decorate with a sprinkling of grated nutmeg

And most importantly…

Enjoy like there´s no tomorrow!


*Cocktails by Luis Inchaurraga for MEX Cream.

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