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Purée with 88% STRAWBERRY!  It is the very essence of freshness.

Experts such as Luis Inchaurraga recommend it for its balance of sweetness and acidity. Perfect for cocktails from the sour family. Combine it with orange and herbs such as basil, thyme, or mint.

Expert hand select our strawberries at their optimal point of ripeness, with a perfect calibre of between 25-30mm. Stalks removed, washed, and frozen in Nitrogen tunnels at -70 ºC. Free from citric acid and colorants, in order to retain their real colour and flavour.

Once open, this purée keeps its delicious flavour for five weeks, likewise, it does not need to be defrosted in order to enjoy its spectacular flavour there and then.

✔️We do not add any type of sugar.
✔️We do not use citric acid or colorants: we thus preserve their real colour and flavour.
✔️A purée that reaches your creations in perfect condition.
✔️No cooling, no colorants, gluten-free, lactose-free and it also has an anti-drip lid, goodbye complications!

Unleash your creativity: From cocktails to desserts, sauces and salads, this purée enables you to unleash your creativity in cocktails and dishes.

Obtain our products through Amazon. Link in Bio and Highlights ✔️.

“It is very balanced in terms of sweetness and acidity, therefore when mixing it in cocktails from the Sour family it isn’t necessary to tweak the citric-sweet level of the cocktail.”


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