3 ways of making cocktails smoky

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Be inspired and add a touch of smoke to your cocktails! 🍸🔥 Discover new flavour dimensions and surprise your senses! 💨🥃 . These are some added values you can bring to your Cocktails with a simple touch of smoke:


  • Evocative Aroma:  Smoke adds captivating and complex aromas that elevate the sensory experience of the cocktail. Visual Style: Smoke enriches the presentation of the cocktail, adding an intriguing and captivating visual element.
  • Smoky Flavour: Smoke infuses a distinctive and smoky flavour that complements and enhances the flavours of the cocktail. Theatrical Touch: Making a cocktail smoky creates a theatrical and mysterious atmosphere, turning the preparation into a spectacle in itself. 
  • Customisation: You can experiment with different types of wood and herbs to achieve different flavour and aroma profiles.
  • Contrasting Temperatures: Some smoking techniques involve quickly cooling the smoke, creating a surprising combination of temperatures in your mouth.
  • Sensory Texture: Smoke can contribute to the texture of the drink, especially when used alongside other techniques such as foam.
  • Versatility of Ingredients: You can smoke fruits, herbs, liqueurs and other ingredients in order to experiment with different combinations of flavours.
  • Interaction with the Client: You can involve the client in the process of smoking a cocktail, creating conversation and a participatory atmosphere.
  • Creative Exploration: Smoking enables bartenders to experiment and create unique cocktails that challenge traditional expectations.
  • Variety of Tools: You can choose between different tools such as tabletop smokers, blowtorches, or specialised devices in order to create smoke effects such as the Flavour Blaster
  • Appealing Atmosphere: Smoke adds an element of mystery and sophistication to the atmosphere, making the cocktail experience more intriguing.
  • Visual Impact on Social Networks: Smoked cocktails are irresistible for social networks, as the photos and videos capture the visual effect of the smoke.
  • Narrative in the Drink: The smoking process can act as a narrative tool, giving the drink a story or concept.
  • Ritual and Modern Tradition: Throughout history, many cultures have used smoke in ceremonies. The process of adding smoke to a cocktail can pay tribute to these traditions in a modern way.
  • Diversity of Drink Styles: From classic cocktails to modern creations, smoking can complement a wide range of drink styles.
  • Multi-sensory Experience: The smoking process not only affects taste and smell, but also sight, hearing (in some cases) and touch, offering a complete experience.
  • Expression of the Bartender: The process of smoking a cocktail enables bartenders to show their creativity and skills, leaving their personal hallmark on the drink.

Remember that smoking is an artistic and creative technique that can be adapted according to your preferences and the cocktail style you want to achieve.  Have fun exploring and creating cocktails with smoke!

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