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The fashionable spot in the Chueca neighbourhood is called Entre Santos Cocktail Bar & Food.

The reason for its success; a series of qualities that comprise daily life in this venue, for example: the great enthusiasm of the entire team that deals with the customers.

To that, we can add the friendliness of the staff, their humour, the good vibes they transmit within a place with fresh décor that is also welcoming, and an excellent location.

The quality and diversity of what they offer both in the kitchen and bar is original, delicious and 100% recommended.

One of those places where you lose track of time thanks to the series of characteristics that we were able to observe.

All of this was tempting enough for us to sit down to have a look at the good work they do at their bar.

José Luis Paniagua is a bartender with a great career and renowned expertise in the world of cocktail making. He was our host, creating a creamy and sweet cocktail that he classes as perfect to enjoy at times when you have cravings, or for dessert, so we were in excellent hands.

Let´s look at the ingredients that go into it:

– Passion for The Sweet –


Thanks José Luis for this creation, for the great idea to escape routine at dessert time, and to the team at Entre Santos Cocktail Bar & Food for their friendliness.

Interesting facts about our caramel syrup: the aim when we released this syrup was to recreate the same taste and texture you obtain when you heat sugar and let it melt, the origin of this flavour.

We complemented it with smooth vanilla notes and an elegant aftertaste.
Ideal for coffees, milkshakes and frappes.


Enjoy this dessert cocktail!

+ Cocktails with rum.

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