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Of the great talents and devotees of cocktail making, today we are paying attention to the work of Kevin Ovando. He considers himself an ardent lover of Tiki cocktails due to their culture, style and great exotic variety.

The kind of fighter who commits to bartender development and training.

The kind that does not stagnate, therefore his training has been extensive: he undertook the Bartender – Mixology course at the European Bartender School  in Barcelona.

The Speed Barman and Flair Bartender courses (with Cristian Balta, 2016 Spanish Champion of Flair Bartending) at House of Mixology in Madrid.

He also did the Flair Shaker & Drinks + complete course, and the Craft Flair at Flair Crew Barcelona.

It is necessary to specify and state that he took his first steps in the world of Flair two years ago, his aim was always to provide a better service, carrying out Free Pour and exhibition techniques in order to offer clients a magical experience.

Aged 24, we can enjoy his own cocktail menu and his explosive mix as a bartender at the bar of Sasha Boom. A restaurant with a gastronomic concept where the Pink Monkey group along with the Chef Luis de los Ríos produce fusion cuisine with flavours from the Middle East and Mediterranean (the Lebanon, Greece) and Peruvian touches, as they say: “dishes full of imagination, flavour and roots, mostly devised for sharing and, even, for eating with your hands”.

As soon as you enter Sasha Boom you will be tempted to seek the experience they offer due to the blend of elegance, lively colours, shared spaces and more private ones.




Among the outstanding cocktails on the menu are these marvels by Kevin:

AKUSHU. A cocktail inspired by the classic Cuban Mojito, its main ingredients are Kumquat (Chinese orange), lemon grass syrup, apple purée, mint in order to add freshness to the cocktail, rum and lime juice. Perfect for combating the summer heat.

HIBISCUS FLOWER. Created using Scotch whiskey, passion fruit syrup, Hibiscus Flower syrup, lime juice, accompanied by egg-white which gives it density. The perfect way to begin a lunch or dinner.

SPICY TAMARIND. An alcohol-free Tiki cocktail, very tropical due to its ingredients: pineapple juice, lime juice, mango juice, tamarind pulp, and spicy mango syrup which gives it a touch of spice. Ideal for accompanying a lunch or dinner, with a little sparkle.

MOJAKA. A Tiki cocktail, also with the characteristic mix of tropical flavours, with lime juice, pineapple juice, tamarind pulp and Falernum Syrup (sweet syrup that tastes of lime juice, ginger and other spices, used for lots of Caribbean cocktails), mango syrup and tequila. It is the perfect companion for dishes with a slightly spicy flavour, thanks to its refreshing sensation.

However, with the hospitality of Kevin and the entire team at Sasha Boom we were able to enjoy a cocktail prepared exclusively for Sanz:

30 ml Talisker 10 Year Old Whisky
40 ml Baileys
25 ml Sanz caramel syrup
10 ml Sanz sugar syrup
25 ml Load of espresso coffee

How do you create this after dinner digestif that is creamy, sweet and smoky?

Cool a coupe glass, pour all the ingredients into the cocktail maker, shake vigorously and double-strain before serving.
Decorate with a topping of white and dark chocolate shavings.

Isn´t it really worth discovering Kevin´s work?

It awaits you at Sasha Boom: Calle de Raimundo Fernández Villaverde, 26, 28003 Madrid – 911995010


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