How to work with ice in cocktail making.

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How to work with ice in cocktail making.

Ice is one of the most important cornerstones of cocktail making. As bartenders we have an obligation to know how to handle ice for our cocktails.

The only reason why a cocktail dilutes is because the ice melts and turns to water.

▫️In the video you will see a cube of ice which has a specific surface area in contact with the cocktail. This will provide a cool drink for a long time and will gradually cool with little dilution.

▫️By breaking this ice cube with a pick the surface area of the ice in contact with the liquid increases, these small pieces of ice will cool quicker because they have more water attached to their surface area, although they will also dilute faster.

-The example is that of a Mojito: a direct cocktail with little ice that will cool and dilute quicker.

➡️  Conclusion: the difference between these two types of ice is the surface area and the water stuck to the ice.



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Thanks to our Brand Ambassador Luis Inchaurraga for sharing his knowledge with all of us.

Video: Ave Mono

Location: House of Mixology

Music: Jason Shaw ‘Acoustic Blues’ Under Creative Commons 3.0 license (CC BY 3.0 US)


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